The words "healthy" and "beer" aren't usually found in the same sentence, but Wellbeing Brewing Co. wants to change that.

The St. Louis-based company is the country's first nonalcoholic craft brewery, and it's gearing up for another first. Tomorrow, Wellbeing releases the next beer in its portfolio: The first-ever nonalcoholic craft beer made with electrolytes.

Victory Wheat is a golden wheat brewed with a hint of orange and enriched with all-natural electrolytes from St. Louis-based startup Buoy. Wellbeing founder Jeff Stevens says the orange flavor, which he describes as between orange and blood orange, and different carbonation level gives the beer a completely different flavor profile than Wellbeing's flagship Heavenly Body golden wheat.

And thanks to the added dose of electrolytes, it's also ultra-hydrating. The 85-calorie beer is fortified with an electrolyte mix originally developed by Buoy based on the published hydration recommendations of the World Health Organization. Stevens sees Victory Wheat as the ideal post-workout thirst-quencher, as it boasts a similar number of electrolytes to Gatorade with none of the added sugar and calories.

"When you work out, your body loses, through sweat, all of these electrolytes: magnesium, calcium chloride, sodium, all the vitamins," Stevens says. "There are just things that in the normal course of hydration you need to replenish, so that’s exactly what we put in our beer – a dose of these flavorless electrolytes that your body needs after working out." 

Packaged in larger 16-ounce cans, Victory Wheat looks a little different than Wellbeing's other beers. The beer will be sold in four-packs on its website and in select retailers starting Wed., May 15.

This fall, Wellbeing will debut its next release, an IPA that Stevens says the company has been working on for a while.

"The world of IPAs is a big one and we really want to get it right," he says.

Wellbeing Brewing Co.,

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