Kizmet Chocolates

Kizmet Chocolates come in servings of either 5 or 10mg of CBD. 

Maureen Moore first started learning about CBD, or cannibidiol, when her friend Mitch Meyers took her to a medical marijuana dispensary in Chicago. Meyers went on to start BeLeaf, a company that grows and sells whole hemp plant CBD oil. Moore already owned and operated Saddleback Chocolates in O'Fallon, Illinois, and the two began discussing a way to combine the two companies. Kizmet Chocolates was born soon after. 

Moore named the company Kizmet after the word kismet, which means fate or destiny, and says it was destiny that there would be a plant like hemp that could do so much good for the human body. CBD is a nonintoxicating compound extracted from the hemp plant that proponents say can help people settle anxiety or relieve pain or discomfort. 

"Every person that uses CBD gets different levels of relief," Moore says. "It just really depends on each person."

Moore says she wanted to create her CBD chocolates as a more decadent, delicious and elegant way to receive CBD and enjoy it every day. 

Kizmet Chocolates come in four flavors: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate-blood orange and milk chocolate-lime-chile. The chocolates use 100 percent pure full spectrum hemp CBD oil from BeLeaf and come in two doses: 5mg and 10mg per serving. Moore says that this is so people can control their own experience. Plus, if someone wants to consume 10mg of CBD a day but is a "chocoholic" who wants to eat two pieces of chocolate instead of one, they can indulge. 

The chocolates are made in O'Fallon at Saddleback Chocolates and sold there, as well as across the St. Louis metropolitan area, and according to Moore, there's no stopping Kizmet yet. 

"It's growing every day," she says. 

Kizmet Chocolates,

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