Facing a large rent increase and unable to come to mutually agreeable terms with their landlord, Ida and Brandon Kelley, owners and operators of Brioche Pastry Shop, abruptly closed the doors to their beloved shop over the weekend. It came as a surprise to all involved.

“Taking into account the guidance of our attorney, we decided to abruptly end negotiations and exit while that was still an option,” explains Ida. Facing the loss of their sole source of income, the couple has set up a GoFundMe page with the hopes that they can soon reopen Brioche. The funds, if they hit their $5,000 goal, would go to storage for their equipment as well as living expenses while the couple makes the transition to a new space.

Ida continues, “We are absolutely wanting to reopen ASAP, with a full desire to come back into the Crossroads neighborhood we feel we have become a part of. We did not shut the door debt-free or without significant holding costs, and our current finances and reach does not allow us to rebuild a space at this time. We have come a long way on our own, but to reopen means finding a partnership with someone who has the ability to finance our vision and mentor us toward future growth… The Crossroads Art District IS the neighborhood we love, and if our future is in Kansas City it will be in the Crossroads.”

Brioche Pastry Shop, which opened in late 2016, was a quick hit in Kansas City for its decadent, laminated brioche dough, with which chef Brandon Kelley made some of the city’s best cinnamon rolls, pecan buns, croissants and more. Laminating is a refined technique involving layering butter among very thin layers of dough, and then folding and rolling the dough dozens of times before baking. Brandon Kelley is one of the only pastry chefs in town who specializes in the process.

Despite the obvious challenges ahead, the Kelleys are hopeful they can return to work, and hopefully soon. “We, alone, are quite simply a talented, passionate pastry chef and his wife with the vision of making handmade, artisan pastry available to our little corner of the Midwest,” Ida says.

You can support Brioche’s fundraiser here.

Brioche Pastry Shop, 2000 Main St., Crossraods Arts District, Kansas City, Missouri, 816.389.7512, briochekc.com 

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