Pirate's Bone, the vegetarian and vegan-friendly coffee shop at 59th and Holmes, will be closing its doors March 24, but fans of its nitro coffee and plant-based menu shouldn’t have to wait too long to get back to it. Owner Zaid Consuegra plans to open up a new shop in the Crossroads – one with greater ambitions than his first. Consuegra is now aiming for “a fully plant-based modern burger diner."

Consuegra’s menu, he explains, is a work in progress, but he’s currently thinking it will include, among other items, a beet burger, black bean burger, Mexican torta and a “chicken” salad sandwich. He also plans to serve activated charcoal waffles on Wednesdays, a menu item that will be coming over from the Brookside shop. To drink, the new shop will initially serve Jarritos soda, nitro coffee and kombucha, with alcoholic drinks including sparkling wine to be served down the road.

Consuegra and his team plan to open at 2000 Main Street, the space formerly occupied by Brioche Pastry Shop. He explains that he wants to create a highly inclusive space, which will include a lot of artwork, modern seating and lighting. He hopes to raise funds for some of the work through an Indiegogo campaign. He says that taking this big step is a scary one in some ways, but one he is ready to embrace. He also plans to enter the FedEx Small Business grant contest, with the hopes of earning its $50,000 prize.

Yet it’s not just the typical hurdles that Consuegra must overcome to get his business running and keeping it going. Consuegra himself, born in Mexico City, faces an uncertain future.

“My personal biggest challenge is my legal status in this country,” he says. “I'm a DACA recipient and the protection I have under the current policy runs out this November. It is a daily mental struggle I've been having to deal with and plan for. The challenge to our overall plan is having the funds which will determine how fast this new concept will come to life… I have so much to discover, learn from, create and indulge on. I'm excited to see if I can make it in this industry. I have so much left to offer – I hope I do.”

There is still time to sample what Pirate’s Bone has to offer before the Brookside location closes for good on March 24. Keep an eye on the shop’s Facebook page for daily specials.

Pirate’s Bone is currently open Wednesday through Sunday from 8am to 2pm.

Pirate’s Bone, 645 East 59th St., Brookside, Kansas City, Missouri, 816.287.1433, piratesbone.com

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