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The Kansas City area has a large network of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) networks, which typically offer seasonal subscriptions from a farm, food provider or partnerships composed of several small providers. Operating within a 125-mile radius of Kansas City, Missouri, many have brief listings under the umbrella of Kansas City Food Circle.

Whether you’re seeking premium, non-GMO meats or gorgeous and tasty produce that you don’t have to grow yourself, there’s a CSA to suit every taste and budget.

Blue Door Farm

Cost: $217 per 10-week session for a regular share; $326 for full share.

Season: Three 10-week sessions are spring/early summer, summer and fall.

Membership requirements: Members sign up and pay in advance for one session at a time. Discounts are available for group deliveries of 5 or more shares; “early bird” discounts are also available. Shares are first filled by existing members and then on a first-come, first-served basis.

Shares: Regular shares include 4-6 types of vegetables per week; recommended for couples/families that cook at home occasionally. Full shares feature 5-7 vegetables per week and are recommended for vegetarians, couples who cook at home regularly or families. Additional share options offer 2-4 servings or 4-6 servings.

Delivery: Yes to homes and offices in some areas of Johnson County, Kansas, on Tuesday afternoons. Call/email to learn if they deliver to your location.

Certified organic: Yes

Local: Yes.

Available items: Seasonal leafy greens, root vegetables, cucumbers, broccoli, squash, beans, tomatoes, eggplant and much more.

Web site: N/A

Mission/Charitable work: They focus on high quality, organic, seasonal vegetables that are adapted to Midwestern conditions.

Common Harvest Farms CSA

Cost: $12-18 per week

Season: May-October

Membership requirements: $12 membership fee. When paying monthly, the first month is due with membership fee. When paying for the entire season in advance there is a $1/week discount. Some partial and work shares are available.

Shares: Subscribers receive bags of fresh and ready-to-eat seasonal produce each week, which typically includes vegetables, herbs, some small fruit and occasionally eggs, with enough items to feed a family of four.

Delivery: No. Public pick-up available at two sites, after completion of sign-up form.

Certified Organic: Yes.

Local: Yes.

Available Items: For example, May offerings could include spinach, asparagus, herbs, green onions, head lettuce, turnips, bok choy, kale, Swiss chard, salad mix, radishes, strawberries, micro-greens, eggs and flour. Monthly offerings are listed on the web site.

Web site: 

Mission/Charitable work:  Common Harvest CSA strives to provide members with the highest quality local and organic produce available, as well as the opportunity to support sustainable agriculture, reduce energy consumption, contribute to a cleaner environment, strengthen the local economy and enhance the economic viability of family farms. 

Danjo Farms

Cost: The most popular quarter-share of vegetables is $250. A fruit-and-berries share is $166 and one dozen eggs per week is $81.40.

Season: There is a 24-week summer CSA and a 22-week winter CSA.

Membership requirements: The farm will work with anybody’s budget, including food stamps and EBT.

Shares: Pick out a customized package.

Delivery: No; at the KCMO City Market year-round.

Certified organic: No, but producers are Certified Naturally Grown, using organic and sustainable growing methods.

Local: Mostly local.

Available items: Vegetables, berries and other fruit, eggs, baked goods, meats and other products (honey, jams, jellies, hot sauce).

Web site:

Mission/Charitable work: To provide nutritiously superior produce and farm products to sustain members’ daily needs.

Door-to-Door Organics

Cost: $25.99 for a bitty mixed box (feeds 1-2 people), $33.99 for small mixed box, $40.99 for medium mixed box (and family of four) or $57.99 for a large mixed box. 

Season: Year-round 

Membership requirements: After you sign up for a produce box, customize it each week with organic, natural and local groceries.

Shares: Customers may order weekly or bi-weekly produce boxes.

Delivery: Some free deliveries are available, depending on the customer’s specific location.

Certified organic: Yes.

Local: Yes.

Available items: Include pasture-raised chickens, turkeys, ducks, bison, beef and pigs as well as farm-raised tilapia; vegetables and leafy greens, herbs, fruit and cut flowers; natural products from BoysGrow Corp that include Salsa Orgullo, Agave Ketchup and BGQ Barbecue Sauce; chestnuts and pecans; artisan breads and other baked goods; homemade pickles; milk and eggs; cider; vegan foods; jams.

Web site:

Mission/Charitable work: “We believe in food that is good for your health, your community, and the environment. We partner with organic producers and local family farms, donate food to those in need, support green initiatives and animal welfare, and use technology to make Good Food convenient, fun, and delicious.”

Fair Share Farm

Cost: $25 annual membership fee and $75 deposit. Other costs are on a sliding scale but generally $670 plus tax per full share for 24 weeks; partial share is $493 plus tax.

Season: The 24-week regular season is from mid-May to mid-October.

Membership requirements: Members help with the harvest. The farm also offers a sliding scale. There is a sign-up meeting around the spring equinox with a completion of contracts.

Shares: Full shares include 7-9 items (ample for family of four) and partial shares average 4-6 items.

Delivery: No. Pickups are at the farm, at a member’s home in Liberty, Missouri, at the BADSEED Market, and in Brookside.

Certified organic: No; sustainably grown.

Local: Yes.

Available items: More than 200 varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruits. Summer items might include tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, melons, cucumbers, onions, green beans, summer squash/zucchini and basil. Other items include Parker Farms meat and eggs.

Web site:

Mission/Charitable work: “The focus of our farming operation is the feeding of our soil, a.k.a. biological farming; growing food using nature as a guide while providing a more diverse, flavorful and nutritious variety of vegetables than those found in grocery stores.”

Fruitful Hills CSA

Cost: A full share is $552, a partial share is $318, a dozen eggs each week are $48 and 10 chickens (4 ½-pound birds; deliverable only in Missouri) are $168.75. See web site for additional information.

Season: The 24-week season begins in the mid-May, with a box of vegetables offered each week, and ends at the end of October.

Membership requirements: Prospective members must fill out an application and mail with payment, allowing one week for processing.

Shares: 24-week full and partial shares available.

Delivery: No; Members pick up CSA shares in ColumbusPark, Prairie Village and Lenexa on Wednesday evenings (except for employees of several local businesses).

Certified organic: No.

Local: Local.

Available items: Produce, eggs, chickens.

Web site: 

Mission/Charitable work: “We are a close-knit Christian community of horse-powered family farms committed to living and sharing the abundant life.”

Gasper Family Farm

 Cost: The pork CSA offers 10 pounds/month at $11.89/pound. Contact the farm for information about dairy CSA (milk, butter and cheese) costs this season.

Season: Varies with customer but typically six months.

Membership requirements: The pork CSA requires a $149 deposit.

Shares: Each month’s delivery typically contains a 2-3 pound roast, one package each of chops and bacon, three one-pound packages of ground sausage or fresh pork, and two miscellaneous cuts (typically a savings of more than $200, retail).

Delivery: There are monthly meat drop-offs in Lawrence and Overland Park; with dairy deliveries in Overland Park and Olathe

Certified organic: No, but they follow organic practices and only use non-GMO organic feed.

Local: Yes.

Available items: Pork and dairy CSA.

Web site: 

Mission/Charitable work: Their goal is to provide natural, health-building food for local families while raising animals as God intended by working with nature instead of against it.

Gibbs Road Farm

Cost: $350 per 14-week session.

Season: Three sessions run mid-March through December.

Membership requirements: First offered to CSA members from last year, usually with some additional spots; check for availability in mid-February. Also at the Brookside Farmers Market.

Shares: 40 shares per session and there are typically 5-7 items per bag, each week.

Delivery: No.

Certified organic: Yes.

Local: Yes.

Available items: Seasonal items in March may include late winter and spring vegetables such as spinach, salad mix, mustard microgreens, sunflower microgreens, radish and turnip greens, “Funky Fresh” sauté mix, turnips, carrots and beets. Check the web site for a full listing.

Web site:

Mission/charitable work: The farm produces perennial crops according to permaculture principles, trains future farm owners and managers through paid and volunteer positions, and serves as a demonstration site to develop knowledge and practices for the agriculture and horticulture industry.

Heritage Acres Farm

Cost: A full share costs $500/season; the half share is $300 for a 16-week season; a quarter share is $175.

Season: 16-week season begins in mid-May.

Membership requirements: There is a $100-$150 deposit with application with payment in full, due by the time of first delivery.

Shares: Full shares feed 4-5 people. Half shares feed 2-3 and a quarter share normally works well for a single person or a couple that eats out a lot.   

Delivery: No; pick up on Saturdays at the Overland Park Farmers Market.

Certified organic: No. Certified Naturally Grown, using organic and sustainable growing methods.

Local: Yes.

Available items: Heirloom tomatoes and beans, squashes, lettuces, peppers, melons, eggplant, etc., as well as fall pecans.

Web site:

Mission/Charitable work: "We believe in growing nutrient dense produce by feeding the soil –- 'Growing America’s Future Naturally.'"

K & V Farms

Cost: $100

Season: Begins in April

Membership requirements: There is a CSA Member Card program for $100, where members can receive veggies in April as well as having "first pick" throughout the market season.​

Shares: N/A

Delivery: No.

Certified organic: No.

Local: Yes.

Available items: Produce may include arugula, asparagus, basil and cilantro, beets, berries, broccoli, cucumbers, green beans and onions as well as kale, lettuce, salad mix and Swiss Chard, spinach. Also okra, peas, peppers, potatoes, radishes, squash, sweet turnips and lots of tomatoes. 

Web site: 

Mission/Charitable work: They are committed to growing delicious and healthy produce in a sustainable environment.

New Roots for Refugees

Cost: A full share includes seven items each week and costs $300. A partial share with four items costs $175.  

Season: 18 weeks

Membership requirements: Fill out a New Roots CSA Interest Form. Returning members may sign up in mid or late January and new “Friends” may sign up in mid-February. At the beginning of the season, Friends receive a booklet of 18 vouchers, equal to one season’s CSA share. On each voucher is the name of a farmer, a number indicating how many items you can select from your farmers table when you pick up your share and a number from 1-18 indicating which week of the season the voucher is good for.

Shares: Please see membership requirements.

Delivery: Some farmers offer deliveries but most pick-ups are at area farmers markets.

Certified organic: No.

Local: Yes.

Available items: Summer items may include heirloom and hybrid tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, various types of eggplant, okra, melons, cucumbers, onions, green beans, mustard greens, summer squash, basil, corn, Burmese sorrel, yard long beans and noodle beans, Asian cucumbers and edible gourds. Ethnic produce may also be available. See web site for spring and fall crops.

Web site: 

Mission/Charitable work: The New Roots CSA provides opportunities for consumers to interact long-term with people who grow their food as farmers and receive an expanded and reliable market for produce. The program also helps refugees develop long-term relationships with English-speaking Americans as they develop small business skills.

Pat and Rachel’s Gardens

Cost: $15 per week for a mini share; $25 for a small share; and $40 for a large share. Add $5 per week to pick up at a drop-off location.

Season: Currently taking applications for summer 2015 CSA.

Membership requirements: Pay for share in advance; sign up and pay by the end of February to receive 10 percent off.

Shares: Mini share may include 1 pound green beans, 1 pint cherry tomatoes, 1 eggplant and ½ pound assorted peppers. Small share: 2 cucumbers, 1 pound green beans, 1 pint cherry tomatoes, 1 eggplant, ½ pound assorted peppers, 1 bunch Swiss chard, 1 pound summer squash, fresh basil and half-dozen ears of sweet corn. A large share includes 4 cucumbers, 2 pounds green beans, 2 pints cherry tomatoes, 1 pound of slicing tomatoes, eggplant, 1 pound assorted peppers, 1 bunch Swiss chard, 1 pound summer squash, 1 pound zucchini, fresh basil and a dozen ears of sweet corn.

Delivery: No; pick up at the farm on Saturdays (28485 W. 119th St., Olathe, Kansas) or at designated drop-off sites including 10007 Benson, Overland Park on Saturdays and in Lawrence on Wednesdays.

Certified organic: Yes; USDA certified.

Local: Yes.

Available items: See Shares, above.

Web site:

Mission/Charitable work: “We are providing a relationship with a farm that grows healthy, certified organic food.”

Peacock Farm

Cost: $425 for 22 weeks; payments can be made on April 1 and in June.

Season: May 1 through October 1.

Membership requirements: Menus are provided weekly and members can ask for substitutions.

Shares: Full shares are available and there are usually seven items in each sack. Eggs are also available on delivery, with no extra charge.

Delivery: No. Thursday evening pickup is available at 39th Street and Genessee Street, or at the Saturday City Market, 7am to 2 pm.

Certified organic: No; though organic and sustainable.

Local: Yes; with purchased of organic peaches; and blueberries from Sedalia.

Available items: In early spring there may be lettuce, radishes, stir-fry (produce) mix, green onions and herbs in pots to accommodate recipes provided. Later, green beans, shell peas and new potatoes, with tomatoes in June. They try to grow something new each year.

Web site:

Mission/Charitable work: This farm’s goal is to teach young people how to cook. When at the City Market, it can also take food stamps.

Pearly Gates Organic Soapery Inc. & Gardens

Cost: 250 pounds for $550 or 125 pounds for $295.

Season:  April to end of October – approximately 22 weeks

Membership requirements: The full amount must be paid in full before the first picking, although paying half down will hold you a spot. In this You Pick CSA, the owner can pick and deliver if you’re willing to pay a higher fee, usually bringing the box to KC Organics on Saturday at MinorPark in Kansas City, Missouri; call to arrange this.

Shares: Full and half shares available.

Delivery: See membership requirements.

Certified organic: Yes.

Local: Yes.

Available items: Organic produce, micro-greens, bath care products and mixes, dehydrated or baked goods, herbal salts, jellies and syrups.

Web site: and

Mission/Charitable work: This farm's goal is to offer farm-fresh organic produce at very reasonable prices.

Red Ridge Farms

Cost: Average cost is $400-600 per year.

Season: Year-round.

Membership requirements: Full payment is required in advance.

Shares: Full shares of 8-12 items and partial shares are available in spring/summer/fall. Also offering market-style shares that feature a debit system which begins with $200 and includes a 10 percent discount.

Delivery: Limited delivery routes are available on Wednesdays but most CSA shares are picked up at area markets.

Certified organic: Yes.

Local: Yes.

Available items: Seventy different vegetables area available as well as herbs and a few fruits. The farm is also co-oping this year for eggs, chicken, beef and pork. Check web site for details.

Web site:  

Mission/Charitable work: “Our main goal is to bring local, fresh, organic food to our neighbors.”

Rolling Prairie Farmers Alliance

Cost: $18 per week for a regular bag with payments collected at the beginning of the following month. Charges encompass the previous month’s pickups.

Season: April-May into October.

Membership requirements: Returning members have priority for CSA spots until Feb. 1, when all subscribers may apply until the shares are full. $88 deposit for new subscribers (who also receive a cookbook). Previous subscribers pay a $78 deposit, with the equivalent of three weeks’ bag cost returned as credit at the season’s end.

Shares: A regular bag includes 6-8 produce items with some choice available for the consumer. (The economy bag is available only in Lawrence, with 5-7 items and smaller portions.)

Delivery: No. Pickup at the Roeland Park Community Center, Roeland Park, KS and Johnson County Community College; in Lawrence, at The Community Mercantile and Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

Certified organic: No. Certified Naturally Grown using organic methods.

Local: Yes.

Available items:  Seasonal produce but early May offerings include greens and green onions; in the end of May, strawberries and sugar snap peas. Other crops may include cantaloupe, watermelon and raspberries.

Web site:

Mission/Charitable work: “It’s a way for us to get good quality food to people that is local and tastes better, as well as stewardship of the soil.”

Schenker Family Farms

Cost: Weekly sizes and payments range from $16 for a Lunchbox to a family-size share for $77.

Season: 12-18 weeks in summer season plus a fall season.

Membership requirements: $100 deposit for the farm-to-fork workplace CSA. Food stamps are accepted.

Shares: Meat, vegetables. An electronic sign-up system is used, with weekly billing to a credit or debit card.

Delivery: Must pick-up at a certain designated location. Contact the farm regarding businesses where delivery is currently available, or to sign up for delivery to a business (subject to number of participants).

Certified organic: No.

Local: Yes. They work with Fahrmeier Farms, which does the produce, and the Schenkers provide the meat and eggs.

Available items: Beef (grass-fed and finished), pork, poultry and lamb produced without added hormones, steroids or antibiotics. This is a GMO-free farm.

Web site:    

Mission/Charitable work: “One of our critical missions is to educate eaters about what they’re eating, as well as teaching them where it comes from and how it’s grown.”

Share-Life Farms

Cost: Pricing varies each week based on the selection for that week.

Season: First week of May to last week of October.

Membership requirements: The farm’s CSA planning begins in February and memberships are first-come-first-served. Mail application and $50 fee.

Shares: Full shares are delivered weekly or half shares are delivered every other week, including 7-14 different items.

Delivery: No; pick up at the Blue Springs Farmers Market.

Certified organic: Yes.

Local: Yes.

Available items: Spring produce includes spinach, lettuce, greens, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, radish, beets, carrots, Napa cabbage, strawberries, peas, Swiss chard, tomatoes, watermelon and sweet potatoes.

Web site: 

Mission/Charitable work: “We are organic by conviction.  We believe that many of our health problems are caused not only by a poor diet but by unnatural compounds in the food we eat. We strive to restore [the soil’s] life cycle on our farm and would like to share it with you through our produce.”

Stony Crest Urban Farm

Cost: Based on each individual purchase through the on-line farm stand, via PayPal, credit or debit payments.

Season: Cool Seasons™ CSA available October through April.

Membership requirements: $25 membership fee; only members can order from the on-line farm stand and membership is limited.

Shares: Not required. Weekly orders are taken through virtual, on-line farm stand, 3 p.m. Mon.-7 p.m. Wed.

Delivery: No. Pick up is available Thursdays from 4 to 6:30pm behind One More Cup Coffee Shop, 7408 Wornall. Customers may also purchase items at the farm, Brookside Farmers’ Market and Waldo Farmer’s Market.

Certified Organic: Yes; USDA Certified Organic

Local: Yes.

Available items: Winter squash, potatoes, garlic, onions, frozen tomatoes and dehydrated peppers available until depleted.  Also, spinach, Asian greens, carrots, radishes, lettuce, turnips, arugula, cabbage, kale, chard and micro greens, depending on growing conditions.

Web site:  and

Mission/Charitable work: This farm wants to "create a taste of the place” while emphasizing production of "unusual, colorful and artisan cultivars for adventurous cooks and eaters." Provide customers with fresh, organic, cold-tolerant vegetables.

Where the Redfearn Grows

Cost: $20 per week for a small share or $30 per week for a large share when picked up at the farm (add $5/week for pickup at one of several drop-off points).

Season: 21 weeks for 2015 season; June 8-Oct. 26

Membership requirements: Members pay for an entire season of produce up front. Each CSA membership includes a 12 work-hour requirement at the farm to be fulfilled during the season.

Shares: Large share includes 7-9 items per week; small-share members receive the same items but in lesser quantity. Examples of a large share in August: 4 cucumbers, 1 1/2 lb green beans, 6 lbs tomatoes, 1 large bunch Swiss chard, 6 zucchini squash, 4 bell peppers, 8 spicy peppers, 4 onions, 4 lbs new potatoes.

Delivery: No; customers pick up produce at farm or at drop-off locations in Lee’s Summit and Liberty, Missouri.

Certified organic: No; but do not use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, petroleum-based fertilizers or GMO seeds.

Local: Yes.

Available items: Berries, goats, chicken, ducks, tomatoes, Asian greens, Jerusalem artichokes, fennel.

Web site: 

Mission/Charitable work: "Our farm was founded with the belief that natural ecosystems hold within them the keys to growing healthy food. We’re committed to our ‘more than organic standards.’ We aim to protect biodiversity, build organic matter in the soil, prevent pollution, reduce waste and conserve resources.”rotect biodiversity, build organic matter in the soil, prevent pollution, reduce waste, and conserve resources."

Wolf Creek Family Farm LLC

Cost: Full shares are $450 per season; partial shares are $295; individual shares are $175.

Season: May 24 through October 24

Membership Requirements: $50 deposit per reserved share with installment payments allowed until full payment is required by March 1. Reserved shares may be cancelled prior to February 1 to receive a deposit refund and any payments already made toward the share price. Cancellations made after February 1 will result in a forfeiture of deposit.

Shares: Seventy-five shares are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Full shares include 7-9 produce items per week, enough for a family of four that cooks at home frequently. Partial shares (enough for a very small family) include 5-7 different produce items for $295; individual shares are $175. Shares will be lighter in spring and increase in volume and variety as the season progresses and taper back again in late fall. Also, see web site re: Market-Style Shares.

Delivery: No; rather there is a system of weekly vegetable pick-ups available at several locations, including Raymore Farmer’s Market, 4 to 7pm on Tuesday; also at the Lee’s Summit Farmers Market, 8 to 11am on Wednesday or Saturday.

Certified Organic: No.

Local: Yes.

Available items: Seasonal produce, home-grown pork and poultry, and eggs.

Web site:

Mission/Charitable work: This farm focuses on fresh, sustainably grown produce and naturally raised meat and eggs, using methods that preserve the land’s integrity. They strive to provide wholesome, chemical-free food, produced near where it’s consumed.


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