When Stacked Burger Bar, formerly the Ivory Coast Bistro, opened its doors on Fri., June 28, the action didn’t slow down until early Sunday evening. Owners Sam Siebenman and Matt Windisch and chef Laura Borghardt had just relaxed when a tour bus arrived carrying 60 roller derby skaters and fans from Jacksonville, Fla. The New Jax City Rollers arrived hungry, stacked their burgers to the max and departed, punctuating a great weekend opening with their raucous high energy.

“We were so busy all weekend. When we opened Friday, our regulars were lined up at the door. We ran through 50 pounds of potatoes, and we were out of French fries by early evening. Saturday, we had good steady business, and Sunday morning, we had the best breakfast ever,” Borghardt says.

“When the rollers arrived, we had a pile of build-a-burger orders an inch thick. We had some crazy burgers, like the guy who ordered a 60/40 patty, beef and pork, on a pretzel bun, with pub cheese, celery slaw, honey mustard, grilled pineapple and bacon. Someone ordered a sriracha burger, with pub cheddar and pepper jack cheese, fried pickles, tomato jam, ham, brisket, bacon and bratwurst. That was amazing.”

Stacked offers plenty of house burgers, like the Rooster, a double-heat-stroke sandwich based on a sriracha-laced beef patty and the Mexican inspired En Fuego, but Borghardt was surprised how many patrons decided to build their own stacks, checking off burger type, bun, cheese, sauces, condiments and extras.

From the menu, patrons can choose ground chuck, ground turkey, black bean, sriracha or 60/40 beef and pork patty, each hand pattied and grilled to order. Don’t like burgers? No problem. Select a grilled chicken breast or hot dog and build away. Pick a bun, a favorite cheese, slaws and extras like fried pickles.

Check out the housemade chipotle aioli, spicy beer mustard, onion jam, kalamata relish, tomato jam, strawberry maple jam and serrano chutney. Borghardt also pickles onions and cucumbers, whips up hummus, chili and barbecue sauce. She makes a thick pizza sauce from slow roasted tomatoes, garlic and onions. All salad dressings are made in house too.

“The biggest surprise is we actually completed the change over from Ivory Coast Bistro to Stacked Burger Bar in four days. We love the new space and our collaboration with FliptStl was amazing,” Borghardt says.

“Stacked was a dream come true for us,” Christy Steven of FliptStl says. “We started with a mobile app design for Ivory Coast Bistro, and as we talked, we realized the bistro didn’t fit three young, fun and spunky people. Matt wanted a burger bar, which evolved into an upcycled, urban chic space with tables and décor from the junkyard and a city energy that fits their personalities.”

FliptStl, a design and marketing firm heavily into brand building, web, design and apps as well as traditional print, came well qualified to guide the re-branding from decorous bistro to a rockin’ burger bar. Owners Christy Stevens and Cassandra Simmons learned the ropes of the restaurant business at Dewey’s Pizza. Katie Sprock rounds out the trio of designers and marketers at FliptStl.

“We worked on everything from menus and décor to staff training,” Stevens says. “We were all there for four days straight until 2am each day. That’s dedication.”

Stacked Burger Bar, 7637 Ivory Ave., Carondelet, 314.655.4900, ivorycoastbistro.biz


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