Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant

A selection of dishes from Meskerem. 

Ethiopian food tends to be more experiential than other cuisines. Eaten with your hands using injera, it is best enjoyed with a circle of friends around a huge dish of assorted tibs, wats and curries to sample. For that reason, it can be daunting ordering a plate of Ethiopian cuisine for yourself, especially when you want to try multiple dishes. But in St. Louis, Meskerem makes things easy with its eponymous combo. 

The Meskerem combo comes in two sizes, meant for one or two people. But regardless of the size, you get a sampling of some of the restaurant's most popular dishes: tibs wat (prime beef), doro wat (seasoned chicken), miser alecha (split lentils with curry, garlic and ginger), miser wat (split lentils with garlic, onions and ground red pepper) and generally another beef preparation. And, of course, the meal comes with a pile of injera to scoop up every bit of sauce. 

If you want to try multiple dishes but don't eat meat, Meskerem also offers a vegetarian combo with many of the same flavors. And if you want a little something extra to try, order the sambosa with either beef or lentil fillings. 

Meskerem is offering its menu for carryout. 

Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant, 3210 S. Grand Blvd., Tower Grove South, St. Louis, Missouri, 314.772.4442,