Food for the Frontlines

Food for the Frontlines provides meals to essential healthcare workers. 

A new initiative is working to send meals to healthcare workers who are on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Food for the Frontlines, a program from Link Market, is collecting donations in order to provide meals to healthcare professionals. The effort comes from Link Market founder Jeremy Goss' natural want to help; that's why he started Link Market, which brings accessible groceries to food deserts, in the first place. Plus, bringing meals to healthcare workers is a natural connection for him: Goss is a doctor himself.

He also teamed up with Seoul Taco owner David Choi to start the program, which provided the cause with natural access to restaurants that will provide the meals.

"We already have these important relationships built," Goss says. 

Food for the Frontlines will work with local restaurants to provide the meals, which creates a two-fold benefit. For every $10 received, a meal can go to a healthcare worker. In turn, every $100 helps a restaurant stay open producing meals for three hours.

"The additional dollars provided through the Food for the Frontlines program help to sustain the work hours for the chefs, the restaurant owners to be able to keep people in their positions," Goss says. "The goal is that these restaurant workers keep their jobs, even though revenues are rough now."

So far, Food for the Frontlines has raised enough money to donate over 1,000 meals to those working in healthcare. 

Goss also stresses that every step along the way, everyone involved is following COVID-19 regulations to keep themselves and the people they are serving protected.

Tax deductible donations to Food for the Frontlines can be made via Link Market's website