Café Dhibs Treats

These treats are gluten-free and sweetened with dates.

When Café Dhibs opened at the end of last year, it debuted a menu lavish with delicacies. This micro café by The Date Lady serves treats like pumpkin whoopie pies and lattes topped with date-sweetened whipped cream. Nearly one year later, these customer favorites are still holding their place on the menu. 

The pumpkin whoopie pies are gluten-free. The cream cheese filling has a warm, rosy tint, because like everything in the café, it's sweetened with dates. These whoopie pies feature real pumpkin and spices, making them a treat that diners crave well into winter.

And every pumpkin whoopie pie deserves something warm to go with it. Café Dhibs recently debuted its smoked maple latte, which is basically four layers of fall: Steamy espresso with milk, foam, date-sweetened whipped cream, and a smoked maple and date syrup drizzle. You can select between cow's milk or housemade alternative milks, and you can even opt for coconut whipped cream as well.

Café Dhibs, 918 W. Commercial St., Springfield, Missouri,