The Pitch Pizza & Pub

Get exactly what you're craving with The Pitch's custom pizza option.

If a pizza with locally-sourced ingredients and crust made from flour imported from Italy sounds like your idea of a perfect slice, The Pitch Pizza & Pub for dinner it is.

The Springfield, Missouri, restaurant takes the idea of a build-your-own pizza seriously. You can pretty much customize everything except the crust, which is a happy medium between flat and thick. The menu offers seven sauces, some of which are pretty traditional, like marinara or pesto. But if you're in the mood to try something unique, you can opt for a sauce like raspberry-chipotle or Thai chile.

Next up in the customization process is choosing your cheese. Select from a list that includes mozzarella, Terrell Creek Farm goat cheese, Cheddar or Gouda among other options.

And of course, The Pitch also lets you add on meat offerings, like pepperoni, salami or even hamburger. You can fully make your pizza truly your own with not just the usual veggies, but also fruits and nuts.

The Pitch Pizza & Pub, 2924 E. Sunshine, Springfield, Missouri, 417.368.0277,