Eating healthy on a budget can feel like a challenge. However, Springfield, Missouri, shoppers now have another option for organic food at an affordable price, thanks to Colorado-based grocery store Lucky’s Market. Located on South Glenstone Ave., the store’s motto is “organic for the 99 percent.”

“We want to make healthy food accessible to everyone and take away the stigma that it is hard to reach or it's confusing,” says Brooke Buchanan, regional marketing specialist for Lucky’s Market. “We’re trying to transition people who may have never been to a health-food store before and help them not feel intimidated. So they may purchase a few things that are a little healthier that they’ve never tried before, but we’ve also got staples like Coke.”

Upon entering the store, Lucky's encourages customers to begin their trip with a visit to the café to buy kombucha, coffee, wine or beer to sip on while shopping. The café offers a mix of craft and domestic beer, with a daily deal of $5 for two slices of pizza and a pint of beer.

Buchanan refers to the produce department as the focal point of the store, which carries a mix of local, organic and conventional produce. Next to the produce is a juice bar, where shoppers can purchase bottles of fresh-squeezed juice that rotates flavors and never includes any additives.

Lucky’s aims to work with local producers as often as possible, which is why you'll find shelves lined with products made in Missouri in each department. “We’re passionate about supporting the community, which is why we carry local products,” says Buchanan. “It also allows our stores to feel very unique, because when we have these local products coming right from the community, it makes each store have a different feel.”

Some additional Lucky’s Market features that might not be found in a run-of-the-mill grocery store are a made-to-order sushi and ramen bar, bulk produce and spice sections and an artisan cheese shop. The store also offers in-house options including pizza, bacon and beer brats, as well as premade deli items like sweet potato-black bean quinoa and coconut chicken tenders.

Lucky’s Market is open Monday through Friday from 7am to 10pm.

Lucky’s Market, 3333 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, Missouri, 417.889.0779,

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