Askinosie Chocolate Truffles

Askinosie now offers truffles and bonbons at its factory storefront.

Time to ditch that bag of candy corn: Askinosie Chocolate has released its new offerings for fall.

The acclaimed Springfield, Missouri, chocolatier has released a new Dark Chocolate-Orange Bar, as well as new confection offerings.

The Dark Chocolate-Orange Bar is the newest addition to Askinosie’s signature inclusion line of chocolate bars, which includes the popular coconut milk bar, peanut butter and the Askinosie OG – dark chocolate with fleur de sel. 

New releases have continued to flow from Askinosie, including holiday barks, sipping chocolates, malted milk balls and many more, but there’s never been a schedule for these new offerings. Instead, the crew inside Askinosie’s Springfield factory have been planning new sweets around flavor.

“We're not driven by market trends; we're influenced primarily by what we like and our own consumers' feedback, but there is a strategy to when,” says chief marketing officer Lawren Askinosie. “We choose to release bars based on the buying seasons for our industry (we have our retailers to keep in mind), and we try to plan a year in advance. But if a bar isn't meeting our standards, we scrap it altogether or put it on the shelf to come back to later.”

Head into the Askinosie flavor lab, and you might find 10-plus new bars in the middle of research and development. New flavor combinations are tested during meetings, tweaked, sampled and critiqued until they’re just right. Some of these test batches are so small, the shop’s head chocolate maker often only makes one or two bars at a time and hand-tempers the chocolate. Some bars go through R&D for years before they’re perfected, packaged and shipped to retailers. Some bars never make it out of the lab.

The new Askinosie Small Batch Confections is the latest line to make it out of the lab. This line launched Oct. 1, and the new batch of chocolates are currently only available at the Springfield factory. The shop unveils two flavors each week on Tuesdays, and so far, truffles and bon bons have sold out within a matter of hours. One flavor, the signature dark chocolate truffle, is available each week. The second flavor rotates, including options like a coffee truffle or coconut milk truffle. To coincide with the Orange Bar launch, Askinosie rolled out an orange bon bon.

The dark chocolate truffle is a signature for a reason: it takes Askinosie’s Tanzania cocoa beans and grinds them into a dark chocolate ganache that’s coated in a hard, chocolaty shell and coated with Tanzania cocoa powder. 

Just like the Dark Chocolate Orange bar, these truffles started off as an in-house treat Askinosie team members experimented with and gifted each other. “We’ve been playing with these for years,” Askinosie says. “Truly, years. We’ve been making and tasting these in our meetings, but we didn’t feel they were ready to release.”

Now that the truffles have finally been perfected, Springfield shoppers can snag them by the box-full.