After being a sous chef at Ocean Zen for over a decade, Cody Davis set out to do something different. His idea of different? A food truck that specializes in meals many Springfield, Missouri, diners might not have tasted. To that end, Davalon’s menu features hibachi-style meals that meld Japanese and Tex-Mex flavors.

“I’m trying to bring something to the table that isn’t anywhere around here,” Davis says. 

The small menu is packed with flavor, including teriyaki, hibachi and fajita bowls, two types of smothered fries, pork potstickers and chicken taquitos. Each meal comes with the choice of veggies, chicken, pork or beef and seven hot sauces. Davis designed the menu to make sure he was serving fresh food quickly.

Davalon is going into its second year and Davis is ready to expand the menu. “I’m going to start introducing Korean and Vietnamese [dishes],” he says. The new items are still in the works, but you can expect to see them popping up this spring. If the public likes them, Davis says he will permanently add them to the menu.

As warmer weather gets underway, the truck will be parked at various places around town including festivals, fairs, luncheons and local breweries. Davalon is scheduled to be at Tie & Timber Beer Co. each Saturday for the rest of March. Although the food truck is currently traveling, Davis is focused on eventually finding a permanent home.

“My goal is to be set up with local food truckers in one area consistently to draw a crowd,” Davis says.

Over the next few months, expect to see more surprises from the food truck.

“I’m looking forward to a lot of constant changes and additions,” Davis says. “I don’t want to stay stagnant so there’s going to be a lot of interesting stuff popping up.”


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