Pam's Hot Peppers

Hot peppers are grown in Stafford, Missouri.

Pam Shelburn grows some of the hottest peppers in the world on her property in Stafford, Missouri: ghost peppers, Trinidad “Butch T” Scorpion peppers, Carolina Reapers and more. In nearby Springfield, she’s simply known as “The Pepper Lady,” and she affectionately refers to her loyal customers as “Pepper Heads.” You can find Shelburn at

her Pam’s Hot Peppers booth at the Greater Springfield Farmers’ Market, or simply order her peppers online: She ships them all across the country. In addition to fresh hot peppers, Shelburn sells dehydrated peppers, salt and seasoning grinders and, new this year, dip mixes. Shelburn also sells portable pepper powders. “Ghost is my favorite,” she says. “I carry it with me. If we go to a Mexican restaurant, we take our ghost powder so we can spice up the salsa; it’s never hot enough. You can just sprinkle a little or a lot, and it’s easy to control.”