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This classic Indian flatbread is made with just two ingredients.

This quick vegetarian main features short-grain rice, two types of dal and lots of vegetables.

This icy cocktail features J. Rieger & Co. Caffè Amaro and Kansas City Whiskey, coconut cream and pineapple.

This indulgent yet relatively healthy recipe is packed with festive yet nutritious ingredients, including figs, pumpkin seeds, cacao nibs and millet.

Similar to fruit jellies, these French confections feature a dual layer of tart cranberry and sweet pear for a complex and complete flavor

This is a vegan spin on a classic family recipe for cornbread.

This smoked trout spread simply bolsters and balances the trout with fresh herbs and a touch of horseradish heat.

As the name suggests, leather britches – green beans that have been snapped, sown into a string using a needle and thread and hung to dry for a few months until they look like leather pants hanging from a clothesline – have a leathery texture and pull at the bite. 

Fresh plums are generously layered on top of a buttery caramel that, once baked, transforms into a sweet, tart topping with a jammy-like texture.

Rich and bright, the lemon cheesecake filling is the perfect match for the speculoos cookie crust and fresh strawberry topping.