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Eat. Crepe. Love. Serves French Crêpes On the Go in Jefferson City

Eat. Crepe. Love. Serves French Crêpes On the Go in Jefferson City

Spurred by their own fondness of the French pastry, Tiffany Walker and Carla Kessell opened Eat. Crepe. Love., a mobile crêperie, late last summer. The crêpe cart houses two crêpe-makers from France, with which Kessell crafts both sweet and savory crêpes using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

The pair’s home base is in Jefferson City, Missouri, but the crêperie travels to festivals and events throughout mid-Missouri on a part-time basis. The name, Eat. Crepe. Love., embodies the positive energy the women hope to cultivate through their crêpes. “Food brings so much warmth and happiness to people,” Kessell says. “There’s too much negativity out there, so if we can just make people happy, that thrills us.”

Where do you get inspiration for your recipes? It really just comes from foods we like. We’re not picky eaters, and we love to try new things. One of the reasons I’m doing crêpes versus something else is because I can constantly change them out. I can try one thing, and if we feel like it didn’t work, at the next event we’ll do something different. And a crêpe lends itself to be sweet or savory, so your options are unlimited. –Carla Kessell

What are some upcoming seasonal crêpes you’re excited about? One is a roasted strawberry with lemon ricotta. We’re [also] going to do a Korean beef bulgogi with mango, cabbage and a citrus-soy dressing. We’ll have another one called the Super Green, with all kinds of beautiful Swiss chard and microgreens, asparagus, red chiles and lemon-ginger-tahini dressing. –C.K.

How did you get started with the cart? We wanted something small – something a little more intimate than a food truck. One of Carla’s drivers for Sysco was driving through the country and saw this junkyard, and the guy had an old hot dog cart sitting out front. He called Carla and said, “I think maybe I’ve found what you’ve been looking for.” So we bought it, got home and transformed it; we painted it, painted the awning, got it wrapped in wood and then we ordered the crêpe makers from France. I mean, we had it maybe not even two weeks and Carla had already booked a festival for us. So it was either sink or swim that first festival, and we've never looked back. The cart turned out to be so much cooler than I had ever imagined. –Tiffany Walker

What’s been the most rewarding part so far? I think for me, it’s that everybody loves the crêpes. And all these people want to tell me their stories about all the favorite crêpes they’ve had in their lives. I think because you don’t get to have them very often, so whatever that memory is, it just sort of resonates and they want to tell their story and share their experience. –T.W.

Making people happy with food – that just fulfills so many things for me. So for people to taste the crêpes and love them, that’s just great. –C.K.

Eat. Crepe. Love.,


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Jessica is a freelance writer based in Columbia, Missouri. She lives by the words of M.F.K. Fisher: "First we eat, then we do everything else."

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