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KC Bier Co. faces off with Tampa's Cigar City Brewing ahead of the Super Bowl

KC Bier Co. faces off with Tampa's Cigar City Brewing ahead of the Super Bowl

KC Bier Co.

KC Bier Co. and Cigar City Brewing have engaged in a friendly wager.

The Chiefs and the Buccaneers aren't the only teams with something on the line this weekend. Local businesses in KC and Tampa are also getting in on the act with friendly wagers based on the outcome of the NFL championship game. The head brewer of one of Kansas City's favorite breweries recently reached out to an old friend to do just that.

Karlton Graham, head brewer at KC Bier Co., met Sean Sasscer, now the production manager at Tampa Bay's Cigar City Brewing, while studying German brewing in Munich in 2012. The two reconnected once the Chiefs and Bucs both made their way to the title game, and they decided to put a little extra interest in the game's ultimate result.

Here are the stipulations of the wager: each brewery has picked a style of beer, and both breweries must brew the style of beer chosen by the brewery located in the winning team's city to serve in their tasting room. They'll both use the same recipe, but Cigar City and KC Bier Co. will be making their own version of the same beer based on the game's outcome.

If Tampa Bay is able to slow down the Chiefs and pull out the victory, Cigar City has picked an imperial stout as its beer of choice. Considering KC Bier Co. stays well within the realm of traditional German beers, that would be quite a departure from its normal style. If the Chiefs are able to run it back and repeat as champions, KC Bier Co. has chosen a Rotbier as its style of choice.

Rotbier, which translates to "red beer," is a bright red lager with a malty flavor profile. The style is popular in Nuremberg, and would be substantially different than most of the beers Cigar City produces. The brewery, which is probably best known for its Jai Alai IPA, typically stays in the realm of beers with a lot of citrus.

To further drive home the friendly competition, KC Bier Co. has also taken to social media to get suggestions for what the Rotbier should be called if Kansas City wins on Sunday. There are plenty of strong ideas floating around out there, but feel free to head over to their various social media profiles if you think you have the perfect name to rub in the victory when Cigar City has to pour another pint.

The pandemic has really cut into our ability to connect with people, so it's always fun to see things like sports bringing out the competitive spirit in local business. It's also nice to know that, regardless of which team comes out on top this Sunday, there'll be a tasty beer coming out of it. Finally, the best thing to remember is that Cigar City will be serving up Rotbier in the near future.

KC Bier Co., 310 W. 79th St., Waldo, Kansas City, Missouri,

Cigar City Brewing, 3924 W. Spruce St., Tampa, Florida,

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