Snead’s Bar-B-Q Restaurant

Snead's Bar-B-Q has been serving up meats in Kansas City for over 60 years. 

Kansas City has no shortage of barbecue restaurants, which can make it hard to choose where to score your smoked meats. If you're on the hunt for something tried and true, look no further than Snead's Bar-B-Q.

Snead's has been serving up its meats the same way for over 60 years. The menu offers a range of barbecue favorites – brisket, chicken and burnt ends, which are called "brownies" here – but if you're getting takeout in Kansas City today, we recommend picking up the rib dinner from Snead's. These cut pork spare ribs, seasoned lightly, make for an easier-to-eat piece of meat. Order them by the half or full rack, and as a part of the plate, you also get one of the restaurant's classic sides such as coleslaw, baked beans or potato salad.

Snead's Bar-B-Q is offering its menu for carryout, curbside pickup and limited dine-in service. 

Snead’s Bar-B-Q Restaurant, 1001 E. 171st St. Belton, Missouri, 816.331,7979,