Old Bakery Beer Co. Cans Organic Beer

In January 2015, husband-and-wife team James Rogalsky and Lauren Pattan opened Old Bakery Beer Co. in a unique space in Alton, Illinois: a 120-plus-year-old bakery. The brewery’s beers range from the classic (porter, golden oat, citrus wheat) to the creative (Hibiscus Tart, Timor Coffee Red Ale), but they all have one thing in common – they’re USDA-certified organic.

Old Bakery has been brewing organic beers since day one, but it wasn’t until the brewery started distribution in April 2015 that it received its official organic certification through Midwest Organic Services Association. (This winter, Old Bakery also began canning its beers and expanded distribution to St. Louis.) Brewing organic beer is by and large the same process as brewing conventional beer, but Rogalsky says the key difference is in sourcing organic ingredients. “Organic malt, raw grains and spices are easy to get, but organic hops are a bit of a challenge,” he says. Rogalsky says there’s also a lot of paperwork required to maintain certification, but at the end of the day, it’s something he and his wife believe in. (Photo by Jill Heupel)

Old Bakery Beer Co., 400 Landmarks Blvd., Alton, Illinois, 618.463.1470, oldbakerybeer.com