Double Burger at Sugarfire Smoke House

Sugarfire Smoke House is so good at turning out killer barbecue, you may have missed the fact that the restaurant also excels at making top-shelf burgers. In fact, Sugarfire’s burgers remind us a bit (in spirit) of the burgers found at Midwestern roadside barbecues, where patties are grilled and then dredged through a pool of sweet and sticky barbecue sauce before serving – only much, much better. What should home chefs take note of before digging in? Thin, deftly grilled patties that are stacked tall upon request, topped with adornments, speared so they don’t fall over and served up on trays covered with butcher’s paper. And yes, bring on the barbecue sauce for this bad boy, as we think we’ve finally found a burger worthy of its application.

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