Quadzilla at Gordon's Stoplight Drive-In

If stacking patties upon patties is your thing, then a trip down Interstate 55 to Crystal City is required to partake of the Quadzilla from Gordon’s Stoplight Drive-In. Burgers at Gordon’s are smashed to a quarter-inch thickness and then, upon request, laid over a bed of cooking onions that release a heady, sweet perfume into the burger as it finishes searing. The process creates a noticeable doming effect in the patties as they cook, that lasts until they are stacked one, two, three and, finally, four high and topped with the most classic of drive-in burger combinations: sliced American cheese, sour pickles, crisp lettuce and a generous helping of ketchup and mayonnaise.

Gordon's Stoplight Drive-In, 500 Bailey Road, Crystal City, Missouri, 636.937.9678