Flavors range from vanilla bean to peanut butter to banana split.

Whether toasted over a crackling campfire, dropped in a steaming cup of hot chocolate or pulled apart with your fingers, marshmallows are fun to eat. And these Missouri makers promise you’ll love how they taste too.


A veritable marshmallow tycoon, Katie Kring, owner of KatieMade in Springfield, Missouri, makes small-batch vanilla marshmallows by hand without corn syrup. She uses a substantial amount of honey, which gives them a real depth of flavor, and organic beef gelatin. Available at Culture Counter on Pickwick Avenue as well as online, Kring’s pillowy treats have a nice chew that will keep you reaching for one after the other.

Wishflour Bakery

Marcey Mertens, owner of Wishflour Bakery in Columbia, Missouri, has been baking her whole life. Soft and creamy, her giant squares of made-from-scratch vanilla marshmallows melt beautifully in hot chocolate, and Mertens says they’ve even been known to impress “anti-marshmallow people.” Grab some from the retail cases at Plume Bake Shoppe, or contact Mertens directly to place an order.

SugarBot Sweet Shop

At SugarBot Sweet Shop in St. Charles, Missouri, co-owner and operator Jackie Huebbe makes marshmallows from scratch using the root of the mallow plant. Sweet with a smooth texture, the classic can stand alone, but for a more nostalgic experience, try the s’mores marshmallows dipped in chocolate and dusted with graham cracker crumbs. Huebbe also makes seasonal flavors such as cinnamon, salted caramel, banana split and lemon throughout the year. All flavors are available for curbside pickup at the 500-square-foot storefront just four blocks from Main Street.

The Modest Mallow

The Modest Mallow is a side hustle for William Wald. He began making marshmallows in his Kansas City apartment five years ago, but it wasn’t until he experimented with flavored marshmallows that he felt he had something “wildly interesting” to offer customers. First came the lavender marshmallows made with herbs from Sweet Streams Lavender Co. in Bucyrus, Kansas. Now Wald sells six flavors, from peanut butter to mocha to chai, in addition to seasonal flavors such as pumpkin spice in the fall and spicy cinnamon and peppermint around the holidays. Order packages of the all-natural treats at

Kakao Chocolate

Known for its award-winning chocolate, Kakao Chocolate also boasts housemade vanilla bean marshmallows. On occasion, specialty marshmallows are available as well, which add chocolate, fruit flavors and other creative ingredients to the signature flavor. If you’re looking for an even greater indulgence, try the marshmallow pies featuring toasted Missouri pecans sandwiched between vanilla bean marshmallows, coated with semisweet chocolate and dusted with confectioners’ sugar. All of these treats are available at the shop in Maplewood, Missouri, as well as online.