D-Ice Rolled Ice Cream

D-Ice specializes in Thai-style rolled ice cream.

Thai-style rolled ice cream has been sweeping the country over the past few years and now, it's taking over Columbia, Missouri.

D-Ice, a national chain, opened its newest outpost in the Columbia Mall on Feb. 25. Currently, the menu is focused on picture-perfect rolled ice cream, but in two weeks the full menu will be available with bubble teas, slushies, smoothies, layered drinks and more.

D-Ice currently offers 12 flavors of ice cream. The five-step process of making the dessert starts with a liquid base that is rolled up using a spatula and covered in toppings. Each order is freshly made right in front of the customers.

“We’re trying to do the best ice cream rolls, not just in town, but in the whole U.S. and the whole world,” owner Jonathan Seow says.

Everything on the menu is customizable so that each diner will end up with a dessert they love. D-Ice will also offer "Dino Breath," or dragon breath, on the menu. The popular frozen dessert features a cereal ball dipped in liquid nitrogen, so when you eat it smoke comes out of your mouth.

“At the end you get a final product that looks exactly like the picture,” Seow says.

This is D-Ice’s second location. The first location opened in Indiana in 2017. Seow says he likes having the shop inside of malls because they usually have a good setup and bring in a high volume of customers. He chose Columbia because it’s a large town with a lot of events and opportunity.

Seow says if D-Ice does well, a food truck will hit the streets in Columbia with more than just sweets and drinks. The truck would offer french fries, chicken wings and Japanese hot dogs. Only time will tell if Columbia gets another food truck, but for now, you can taste Columbia’s newest frozen treat shop in the mall.

D-Ice, 2300 Bernadette Dr. (inside Columbia Mall), Columbia, Missouri, facebook.com/dicecreamroll 

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