Goldie's Bagels blueberry bagel

Goldie’s Bagels has offered a range of flavors, including blueberry.

After popping up inside Pizza Tree for a year, Goldie’s Bagels is set to open in the space of the now-shuttered Strollway Market and Harold’s Doughnuts on Ninth Street in Columbia, Missouri, in late fall.

Beyond its signature New York-style bagels, the eatery will offer an expanded menu complete with babka, tuna sandwiches and egg cream.

Once open, the shop will serve customers from Tuesday through Sunday, and during the week, owner Amanda Rainey plans to offer breakfast and lunch in the style of a Jewish deli. “We’re really going to lean on the Jewish Ashkenazi culture,” she says. “We’ll have Jewish deli sandwiches, tuna salads, matzo ball soup – classic comfort food.”

Rainey has developed the new recipes in collaboration with Jill Rostine, formerly of Good Food Co., who will be an integral part of the team. “We’re pulling from Jewish bakery traditions as much as we can,” Rainey says. “We won’t be doing [Rostine’s] cinnamon rolls, but we’ll do babka cinnamon buns, rugelach and different cookies and kind of go from there.”

On Saturdays and Sundays, diners can look forward to a cozy brunch menu. “On the weekends, people want to come and eat a bagel even at 1pm,” Rainey says.

Pair the fare with a freshly brewed Fretboard coffee or an egg cream, among other drinks, many of which will be mixed with seltzer if Rainey has her way. “I’m hoping to be able to have some fun drinks,” she says. “Egg cream is a classic Jewish deli drink that doesn’t have egg or cream in it – it’s chocolate milk mixed with seltzer. I love being able to water down a drink with seltzer; when you get a lemonade that’s just too much, just put some seltzer in there. Iced coffee? Add seltzer and a little bit of simple syrup.”

From food to drinks, everything on the menu will be available for carryout, utilizing the to-go windows previously installed by Harold’s. Rainey is excited to welcome guests into the open kitchen-dining concept, as well, where they can watch the staff at work.

Rainey has been hoping for a permanent home for Goldie’s Bagels for a while. “I just kept thinking, ‘Something will just come up,’” she says. “Then, in mid-June, Michael [Urban] from Harold’s called and asked if we’d be interested in subletting. The space is already built out like a breakfast bakery of sorts, the location is amazing, and it’s pretty small, which is good for us. We just decided that it felt right.”

This move has even more meaning for Rainey, though. “I moved to Columbia 18 years ago; I’m thirty-six, and I moved here for college when I was 18,” she says. “Eighteen is a very lucky number in Judaism. Each Hebrew letter has a numerical value; the word for life is ‘Chaim,’ and it’s made up of letters that add up to 18. Thirty-six is like double ‘Chaim.’ I’ve been a part of the Jewish community here for half of my life; I’ve taught religious school at the synagogue and tutored a lot of students for bar and bat mitzvahs. Now, to be able to provide food for the Jewish community, it’s really special to me. I’m excited for that.”

Until Goldie’s Bagels officially opens its doors, its pop ups at Pizza Tree will continue. Starting now, it’ll also offer Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur presale special menus.

Goldie’s Bagels (coming soon), 114 S. Ninth St., Suite 102, Columbia, Missouri,