Tucked away in the tiny town of Huntsdale, Missouri, just outside of Columbia, The Station House at Katfish Katy’s is remodeled, renamed and ready to serve up hot food and live music along the MKT trail. What was once a pint-sized general store is now a live music and event venue plus a bar and grill. The counter-service joint serves up American-style fare with a few twists – you’ll find a classic beef burger alongside a black bean burger, and a catfish filet basket alongside catfish tacos. Everything’s made to order, and can be paired with a local beer, wine or soft drink of your choice, making the revamped space a place for trail travelers to stop and linger, rather than stop for a quick rest and get on their way. The seasonal business opened April 1 of this year, and will stay open through October, every Friday through Sunday.

Owners Zac Cutler and his wife, Laura, set out to revamp the store about a year ago, after the Katfish Katy’s property changed hands. “When the property sold, the new owner was kind of looking at it through a different lens, and just kind of seeing what could be done here,” Zac says. “We were fortunate enough to get involved in the conversation early on, and help decide what would be good here and what would be a fun fit for the community.”

Even through the massive remodel, the building has still maintained some of its history, thanks to its new owners. “This actually used to be a site for a train station back when the Katy trail was the actual KT railway,” Cutler says. “Of course, this building didn’t actually exist back then, but the location was what inspired [the name]; kind of calling back to that piece of history.” The renovation includes the addition of a covered patio complete with a small stage, an open deck with seating and a large lawn with a main stage. “I see it more as an event space that happens to have good food,” Cutler says of his business. “I don’t know that we’ve had a day this year when we’ve been open that we don’t have some music of some sort happening.”

Live music and food are just the beginning for Katfish Katy’s and The Station House, Cutler says. The Katfish Katy’s property features 170 acres, which provides a huge opportunity expansion and creative thinking. “Really, the next exciting thing for us is we’ve got so much space here, and it’s like okay, what else can we do?” he says. “We’ve kind of got this blank canvas.” The dog-friendly lawn has plenty of events planned for the summer, and a 15-acre corn maze is planned for the fall. It’s also a stop along Peddler’s Jamboree, the popular bicycling festival that spans from Columbia to Boonville each May. During the week, The Station House is available to rent for private events. 

The Station House at Katfish Katy’s, 8825 Sarr St., Huntsdale, Missouri, katfishkatys.com