The Cheesecake Ninja Cheesecakes

The Cheesecake Ninja offers nearly 250 different flavors of cheesecake.

Greg Franklin opened The Cheesecake Ninja in downtown Perryville, Missouri, last fall, where guests can shop a rotating selection of nearly 250 flavors of cheesecake, plus cupcakes, brownies, truffles and cookies.

Offered in sizes ranging from mini cheesecakes to 9-inch cakes, the signature dessert is available in flavors like classic New York-style and the best-selling crème brûlée. For a truly local treat, opt for the stout cheesecake with candied bacon, made with local bacon that Franklin candies in Villainous Coffee Stout from neighboring Jackson Street Brewing Co.

The Cheesecake Ninja, 110 N. Jackson St., Perryville, Missouri,