Dan Edwards has a thing for cinnamon rolls enjoyed warm out of the oven.

As he started searching Kansas City's coffee shops and bakeries for a place to get a delicious warm cinnamon roll, though, he couldn’t find one he liked. So he decided to get into the kitchen and make his own.

Edwards' mother was a Home Economics teacher, so he learned the basics of baking from watching her. She didn't often make cinnamon rolls, though, so he had to start from scratch creating a recipe that he liked. Once he did, he realized he might have stumbled onto his next new gig.

The stay-at-home father of four has turned his cinnamon roll recipe into a side hustle with Tin Pan Cinnamon Rolls. The business allows Edwards to make high-quality cinnamon rolls from scratch and deliver them warm, right out of the oven, to homes and business across the Kansas City metro every morning.

He was looking to start a business now that he could then easily ramp up into a full-time business once all four of his kids were in school full time over the next few years. Tin Pan Cinnamon Rolls is the first step in that master plan.

Edwards spent eight months in recipe development. To him, a cinnamon roll has to have a few key qualities; his first rule is that cinnamon spice needs to be the star of the show. “One of my biggest complaints about a lot of cinnamon rolls I've tried is that there's not enough cinnamon flavor,” he says. “I mean c'mon, it's in the name.”

Tin Pan cinnamon rolls are made using a blend of three different kinds of cinnamon to add punch and complexity. Edwards uses Saigon cinnamon from Vietnam for spice and power, Korintje from Indonesia for warmth and Ceylon from Sri Lanka for exotic floral notes. This is the key that sets Tin Pan Cinnamon Rolls truly apart from the rest; each roll is flavored with deep, warming cinnamon spice in every single bite.

Next, Edwards knew his cinnamon rolls had to be made from a lush yeasty dough that stays soft and tender for days. He settled on a modified buttery soft brioche dough to keep them from getting hard and dry.

Finally, Edwards does not believe that cream cheese frosting belongs on a cinnamon roll because it masks the flavor of the cinnamon. Instead, he created a simple vanilla glaze that he uses to amply cover the rolls when they come straight out of the oven.

After the rolls are frosted, they are packaged up and always delivered warm – by Edwards himself – to homes and offices across Kansas City. “I have delivered my cinnamon rolls as a surprise birthday treat, to Airbnb guests, to Children’s Mercy Hospital and even for the Kansas City Chiefs team breakfast,” he says. 

Edwards requests at least a 24-hour lead time, but prefers more so that he can plan his week of baking. One pan is $24, and customers can choose between six full-size cinnamon rolls or 12 smaller rolls per pan.

Delivery is free within Midtown and Downtown Kansas City. Outside this free delivery area, Edwards charges a delivery fee of 15 percent of the total order. He accepts cash, check, Paypal and all major credit cards.

“I want this process to be a personal one with my customers, so I am the one who answers the email requests every day and communicates with my customers,” he says. “I am also the one making the rolls after my kids go to sleep, and I am the one that gets up and bakes them and delivers them, still warm, to my clients in the morning.” 

To place an order to be delivered to your home or office, email Dan Edwards at tinpankc@gmail.com.

Tin Pan Cinnamon Rolls, tinpankc.com

Jenny is Feast's contributing editor for Kansas City. She brakes for chef's coats.

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