Summer is officially in full swing on the Westside. Fervere announced this week that its first Cheese Slipper Saturday of the season will be held on Sat., May 23 at 6pm at the bakery in Kansas City’s Westside neighborhood.

“Fervere will provide hot cheese bread topped with fresh ingredients from the local farmers market, and our friends around the corner at Little Freshie will be offering handcrafted sodas, coffees, snow cones, and sweet treats," Fervere wrote on Facebook.

A few years ago, Fervere started hosting Cheese Slipper Saturdays in partnership with its around-the-corner neighbor Little Freshie, the hand-crafted soda, snow cone and sandwich shop, as a way to draw people to the corner of 17th and Summit on Saturday nights during the long, hot summer months.

Like getting an ice cream cone from Murray’s in Westport, or dining al fresco on your favorite restaurant patio, Cheese Slipper Saturday has quickly become a must-do summer rite of passage in Kansas City. As word of this deliciousness has spread on social media, the lines have gotten longer outside of Fervere, but don’t let that deter you. The crowd is convivial and the line moves fast once the doors open at 6pm. Fervere sells the cheese slippers until they are out, which can be quicker than you might think as people walk out with two to three at a time.

During Cheese Slipper Saturdays, the breads are topped with an ever-rotating cast of ingredients from local farmers' markets. Favorites include garlic and cheese curd topped with a baked farm fresh egg or heirloom tomato, basil and garlic and the sweet taste of summer that comes on the one with fresh peaches and sweet corn with Green Dirt Farm Tuffet cheese. 

8 tips for a successful Cheese Slipper Saturday:

Arrive early: Doors open at 6pm, but the line starts forming between 5 and 5:15pm.

Come in pairs: One of you needs to hit Little Freshie to grab a handcrafted Ginger Fizz or a fruity snow cone to bring back to the other one waiting in line in front of Fervere. Divide and conquer. 

Do your homework: Check out Fervere’s Facebook page while you wait to see which cheese slippers they'll be offering so you can have your order ready when the doors swing open. Each slipper is around $8 and they accept cash and credit cards.

Be prepared: Once the door flings open at Fervere, you will walk in, single file, and place your order with the person behind the counter, who will also take your money. They will then prepare your order and hand it to you. If you know what you are doing, the line will move quickly for all involved.

Order more than you think you’ll need: Make sure you order everything you think you may want to try, as they sell out quickly and you will likely not get a second chance to double back if you decide you want to try another one.  

Beat it: Fervere has no tables and chairs to sit on, so you must take your cheese slippers to go. There are parks all over the Westside with a bench you can land on to enjoy your feast.

Share with a friend: One is better than the next one, so share two different kinds between the two of you. You’ll find it nearly impossible to pick a favorite.

Summertime means cheese slippers and sodas on the Westside. Enjoy.

Fervere, 1702 Summit St., Westside, Kansas City, Missouri, 816.842.7272,

Little Freshie, 811 W. 17th St., Westside, Kansas City, Missouri, 816.287.1444,


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Jenny is Feast's contributing editor for Kansas City. She brakes for chef's coats.

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