This easy bourbon chai tea is the perfect cozy sip for celebrating with friends and family around a fire.

This cocktail is all about pairing chocolate and Cabernet. The sweetness of the cocktail is balanced by the dryness of the red wine – not to mention it’s beautiful.

A take on a classic Sazerec, this winter warmer was the brainchild of Ray Edwards. The Lillet Blanc lightens up the scotch while creating a canvas for the banana to come through.

Easily crafted and undeniably refreshing, a Chelada is the ultimate drink for spring days.

What better way to celebrate summer than a frosty, Avenue-inspired milkshake?

One easy introduction to grappa is to substitute it in a traditional brandy drink, like this take on a Sidecar.

The flavors found in Filipino cuisine – ginger, coconut, lemongrass, chiles and calamansi limes, to name a few – lend themselves incredibly well to cocktails.

The drink is made with one part half-and-half; one part virgin Kahlúa made with single-origin Guatemala Huehuetenango coffee; and two parts gin-inspired tea made with cascara, coriander seeds, juniper berries and lemon. 

Celery kvass is a somewhat unusual take on the traditional Russian drink with a tangy flavor.

Most people don’t have the ability to treat coffee with nitrogen at home, but the following recipe will yield a mighty fine cup of cold brew to cool down hot summer days.

Classic Daiquiris are made with three ingredients – rum, sugar and citrus – and this simplicity lends itself to an array of variations adaptable to any palate, during any season of the year. 

The St. Louis Southside cocktail encompasses a bit of my past; I am a Southsider born and bred, and this drink is a creation of my very own

Feast turns 4 years old this month, and we’re kicking off the party with a bubbly classic cocktail, the French 75.

This month, The Mix columnist Matt Seiter brings to your attention the Sazerac – that much needed cooling libation and a New Orleans classic. If you like Old Fashioneds, Manhattans or Martinis, this is one to try if you haven’t already.

Bartenders today are just like the bartenders of yesteryear – modifying recipes with small differences to make their own version of a cocktail bearing the original name. Revered classics such as the Martini and the Manhattan have various versions, all rooted in the late 1800s. Side Cars, Cos…

Natural versions of flavored alcohol made with fruits, berries, herbs and vegetables can easily be prepared at home through the process of maceration, or coating fruit with sugar to draw out the natural oils, intensifying flavors. 

This month’s installment was conceived for – and during – the very cold month of January. Though it's not served warm, this drink has the flavors of winter spices, good feelings and jolly times – both the drink and its history.

‘Tis the season to host and attend holiday parties, which means it’s also time to brush up on holiday cocktail recipes. In years past I’ve written about how to make a killer Hot Toddy and holiday punch. This year, I’m sharing a tradition that dates way back to before Colonial times and is a …

This drink is an old relic I found in The Savoy Cocktail Book. There is very little history to this drink, but it’s one that teaches you a lesson. Back in 2010, I was a part of a traveling cocktail group called Drink Lab. We hosted themed cocktail nights at various bars around St. Louis. At …

This lovely palate pleaser features a whiskey from our neighbors in the Far East (or if you go via San Francisco, the near West): Japan.

Despite a short ingredient list, there are a few complexities to this drink. Canadian whiskey is lighter than most as it is blended and also mixed with neutral or unaged spirits, as whiskey laws differ in Canada.

A plethora of retro drinks have found new life in the past decade, and the Twentieth Century Cocktail is certainly one of them. This is a true relic of its time, both in conceptualization and in christening.

However you choose to mix your Mojito, know that there aren’t any wrong answers. This drink provides an opportunity for you to flex your cocktail creativity.

There are a host of cocktails that lend themselves to aging. Twelve Miles Out, a drink with an interesting history, is one of them.

The origins of the Blue Blazer go back some 160 years at least. The drink itself is nothing more than a Scotch Skin (a scotch toddy garnished with a lemon peel). Yet it’s the fire show produced in the making of the drink that has earned it a place in the history books. As the accredited crea…

Booze, sugar and water. That’s it. That’s a toddy. This enormously popular drink was favored by our forefathers. It’s incredibly simple because not many had access to the slew of liqueurs, fruits and other mixers we have at our disposal today. Also, it was viewed as medicine. Headache? Drink…

The Negroni is traditionally served neat, but for those who prefer it on the rocks, this drink can be built over ice in a rocks glass.