The warm cumin undertones and roasted tomatillos and peppers make for a rich, hearty breakfast that’s perfect almost any time of day.

Sardella executive chef Ashley Shelton enjoys these salt-roasted beets served in beet salads, glazed with vinegar or as a start to pickled beets.

Typically, I make dairy-free milkshakes by swapping out whole-milk ice cream for coconut cream as the base, but sometimes you just want to treat yourself to the classic, rich and creamy real thing.

Polenta is incredibly easy and quick to make and it always results in a hearty and soul-satisfying meal.

The combination of hearty grain, fresh herbs, crunchy pistachios, pucker-inducing barberries and a lemon vinaigrette will brighten up the coldest winter day

Feeling guilty for over-indulging over the holidays? You're not alone. Luckily, cleaning up your diet in the New Year doesn't have to be boring. From a hearty grain bowl to bright citrus-roasted beets to a playful take on falafel, we've rounded up a few healthy recipes that you'll actually crave.

This recipe uses zucchini for a fresh spin on kimchi, perfect as a side, snack or layered onto a sandwich or grain bowl.

Transform one of the more classic and popular fermented foods into something refreshing and vibrant.

If you’re a home gardener or avid farmers’ market shopper, you know that August signals cucumber season.