More acidic than other styles of mole, this mole verde gets its striking green color from fresh herbs, extra pepitas, cilantro, tomatillos and avocado.

The key is to balance the earthy, nutty, sweet, salty and acidic flavors.

Sardella executive chef Ashley Shelton enjoys these salt-roasted beets served in beet salads, glazed with vinegar or as a start to pickled beets.

The brine helps lock the moisture in, much like it does with your Thanksgiving turkey. 

Use this bright, earthy and lightly spicy curried salt rub with everything from lamb and pork to poultry and roasted vegetables.

To make this bread, you’ll need a large clear tub for the dough to rise in, three round banneton bread baskets (these are only required if you want to create a traditional shape for your bread during the proofing process) or bread pans, a bench knife or pastry scraper, a rubber spatula, a Du…

Caramelized pecans are a perfect sweet snack by themselves, but they also enhance salads, ice cream sundaes or muffins.

Kosher salt adds a very subtle yet delicious salty counterpoint to the sweetness of the custard.

This recipe is specifically designed for charcoal grills, and you’ll need a couple of handfuls of thin wood chips when grilling the pizzas.

Filetti is a traditional style of Neapolitan pizza made with fresh cherry tomatoes and no sauce.

The rub is applied prior to a long, slow smoke, and as the ribs’ fat breaks down, it mingles with the spices, creating a crust on the surface of the meat. 

To source sustainable fish for this versatile recipe, turn to the experts at Seafood Watch, an organization managed by Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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